Called by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and the Scripture, First Presbyterian Church of Fostoria is called to:

• Proclaim Christ's resurrection victory over sin and death.
• Demonstrate our faith in the power of God through regular participation in worship and in witness to others.
• Share the gift of God's love through loving and forgiving one another.
• Extend and promote social righteousness by ministering to the needs of all people.
• Unify our community through Christ by working with other churches and participating in community activities.


Dr. Marie Louden-Hanes, Pastor

Rev. Robert Butcher, Parish Associate

Pastor Mark Self, Ecumenical Associate

Mary Schewepe, Organist

Derek East, Choir and Bell Choir Director

Wayne Fausey, Custodian 

Nancy Studrawa,  Administrative Assistant

Sendelbach Family, Audio Technicians