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  • Leann Baker

Pingle Music Presentation

Many years ago, Inez Pingle donated money to purchase two timpani for use by our Presbyterian Band. As they have not been used in a long while, and need to be with someone who will use them, the Pingle family agreed to have the ti

mpani sold and the money deposited into the Music Trust Fund.

In honor Inez and the entire Pingle Family, on Nov. 28, the choir will sing three songs with special meaning to the congregation.

"My Faith Looks Up to Thee" is the song that Inez asked to have sung at her funeral. "Glory Be to the Father" was written by Jay Althouse and commissioned by our church in 1988 honor of Mark Deerwester's 25th year as our church choir director. "The Love He Gave, also by Jay, was purchased in 2003 with funds from the Music Trust.

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